Cookware Storage

Cookware Storage

An organized kitchen is a happy kitchen. So when it comes to some of your most often used items (like your pots, pans, and lids), a storing strategy is key. That’s why we designed easy storage solutions, like our Magnetic Pan Racks and Canvas Lid Holder, to keep your cookware organized and accessible. 

Say goodbye to scratches, chips and dents from improper storage, and hello to a functional design that’s also easy on the eyes. Here are five stylish ways to store your Caraway Cookware Set in your kitchen from our community. 

1. Inside Your Cabinet

When was the last time you opened a cabinet and felt at ease? It’s possible, trust us! Our Magnetic Pan Racks allow you to keep your cookware nestled safely inside -- just grab your handle and you’re good to go! As for our Canvas Lid Holder, simply use the hooks included in your package to hang your cookware on your cabinet door. Now, isn’t that better?

2. On Your Countertop

When Vogue called our cookware “pretty enough to show off,” our customers took action! Since then, we’ve seen Caraway on countertops around the world, and we can’t get enough of it. We know how important counter space is, and are honored to have placement in your homes there!

3. Within Reach

If you’re short on space, it’s all about utilizing what you got. Storing your cookware above your pantry or range hood is the perfect way to ensure your Caraway is within reach when things heat up, while also freeing up some much needed space. Did we also mention it’s the perfect amazing statement piece?

4. On Your Stove

When you’re in the kitchen, it’s all about saving time. Leaving some of your cookware on the stove allows for color play in the kitchen, while also freeing some extra space in the cabinet. Plus, it’s one less pot to move about in the kitchen!

5. Pot Rack

The ultimate statement: hanging your Caraway up for the world to see. Our pots and pans will flourish from your existing pot racks to allow for the farmhouse style that all kitchen owners envy. 

The best part about Caraway’s storage solutions? They’re completely customizable. Our Magnetic Pan Racks can be separated, and our Canvas Lid Holder are built for any flat surface. So however you style your kitchen, we’re here to cater to you. 

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