Cleaner Cookware

Cleaner Cookware

Teflon® is a man-made, extremely non-polar synthetic chemical (meaning it can repel other substances). Because of this unique ability, it can be found in many household products like carpeting, clothing, food packaging and cookware.1 It’s also one of the most dangerous chemicals still allowed to be used on a consumer product. When overheated past 500°F, Teflon® releases toxic fumes at a molecular level.

This means not only will you be unable to see the toxic fumes, but you won’t be able to smell them either.And because it only takes 2.5 minutes for a Teflon® pan to reach 500°F, many are exposing themselves to Teflon® poisoning without even knowing it.

Effects of Teflon® Flu

Exposure to these fumes can affect your health, and this is so common that doctors have given the effect its own name: the Teflon® Flu. Similar to the standard flu, symptoms include sore throat, coughing, headaches, muscle aches, and fevers between 100-104°F, and typically lasts two to three days. Long term exposure has been linked to cancer, lower sperm counters, behavioral issues and birth defects.3

Congress has introduced more than 20 pieces of legislation to limit the use of Teflon® in 2019.4 With Teflon®-coated pans in the home of about 70% of the US population, it is more important than ever that the public is educated about the risks of Teflon®, and better, healthier alternatives are created. 

Enter ceramic cookware. A non-toxic surface made to be treated the same way as your typical non-stick cookware. 

But there’s a catch: many brands market themselves as ceramic, but sometimes feature as little as 1% in their product (and the other 99% could be Teflon®!). When deciding what cookware to buy, ask companies for testing reports or information showing there is no PTFE, PFAs or PFOAs in their cookware. This is the best way to understand more about your investment, and ensure the cookware is safe to use in your home.

As for us? We’d be happy to share with you our testing reports (seriously, shoot us an email at!), which show we are 100% non-toxic. Enter the new wave of good for you (and honest) cookware. 

The Benefits of Ceramic

Ceramic-coated cookware is 100% non-toxic, free of PTFE (such as Teflon®), PFOA, PFAs, lead, cadmium, nickel and other toxic metals. Zero toxins means you have a 0% chance of being exposed to fumes that could harm yourself, your family and your pets. As for cooking? Ceramic is naturally non-stick. All you need is a dash of oil or butter to prevent sticking. 

Our Secret Sauce

Caraway’s high quality, non-stick ceramic pans are designed to stand the test of time. By using the highest quality ceramic coating, the longevity of our non-stick is guaranteed, without the markup like other brands. Meant to stand out, our design is completely innovative, with unique color ways and a sleek pan curvature designed for function with a fashionable edge.

Whether you’re a weeknight chef looking to amplify your meals or making a healthy swap to protect your loved ones from harmful emissions, Caraway is built for function, style, longevity and to keep you safe. Because what recipe calls for chemicals, anyway? 

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