Accessories For The Kitchen

Accessories For The Kitchen

Designing a kitchen is no small feat. From paint swatches to cabinet finishes and hardware, there are so. many. choices. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite brands and products to help add the finishing touches to your kitchen. 

Estelle Colored Wine Stemware (Set of 6)

It’s safe to say we’re big on color here at Caraway, and we can’t stop gushing over these hand-blown colored stemware from Estelle Colored Glass. Add on your dining room table for fun color play, or store on open shelving for a statement. The best part? These glasses hold 16.5 ounces of liquid. Now that’s a pour we can get behind.

Capra Designs Terrazzo Large Tray

When it comes to serving, it’s all about style. These table settings from Capra Designs are made from hand poured resin and finished with a cork bottom, making them the perfect pieces to add design to your tablescape without damaging your table.

Earth + Element Dinner Set for Two

Perfect for a dinner party or casual get-together, Earth+ Element’s Dinner Set adds a natural element to your kitchen while still contributing alllll the high-design feels. The set is both microwave and dishwasher-safe, now that’s a win/win!

54Kibo Zewd Napkin Set & Tintsaba Basket

Inspired by African design, the Tintsaba basket from 54 Kibo weaves years of culture and tradition into one handmade basket. Tintsaba has been handcrafting these delicate baskets for over 30 years and has truly mastered the art of African fine design. Pair it together with the Zewd Napkin set for a design forward table that also tells a story.

Caraway Fry Pan & Linen Apron

How complete could this post be without some Caraway? In five shades designed for the modern kitchen, there’s no better cookware to keep things looking stylish while also keeping you healthy. Pair your linens with your cookware for even more high design in the kitchen.

Rebecca Minkoff M.A.B. Crossbody with Studs

We take style with us everywhere we go -- from the kitchen and home to the grocery store and beyond. Rebecca Minkoff’s signature M.A.B. Crossbody is stylish enough for a night out, yet still packs ample space for a quick Farmer’s Market run. If we had to choose one essential bag for everyday wear, this would be it.

Brightland Olive Oil Duo & Parasol Vinegar

Pantry staples like oil and vinegar may not be the most conventional way to add design to your home, but anyone who has laid eyes on Brightland’s bottles gets why we consider them essential for good design. Beyond just looking good in your kitchen, the bottle design is functional -- they’re UV-coated to protect the oil from the damaging light!


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