Color Concepts: The Story Behind Perracotta

Color Concepts: The Story Behind Perracotta

Here at Caraway, we’re big believers in color. And when it came to building the brand, we knew color was going to play a key role in our products. We sought after palettes that include a range of versatile colors that speak with an undertone of personality and point of view. 

There are very few colors that match the vivacity and this-is-who-I-am character more than pink, so there was no doubt in our minds for incorporating the shade into our line when designing for the modern home.

Enter Perracotta, the signature shade behind Caraway Home’s Cookware Set.

Perracotta was born from the maturation of the iconic Millennial Pink. We blended the cult classic color with terracotta, the indicative hue of earthenware, for a shade that is bold enough to sit on its own in any kitchen, while also balanced to complement other tones in the home. 

When deciding if Perracotta is the color for your kitchen, there are a few things to think about: whether you’re looking to make a statement in your home or have your cookware complement the room. Luckily for you, we gathered a few of our favorite Perracotta dream kitchens to serve as some inspiration. 

How to Design: Blending In


If you happen to have this kitchen, we’re extremely jealous of you... just look at that open shelving! The range hood! The marble backsplash! We can’t get enough. The only way to elevate this room more? Adding a Perracotta set. The color complements the paint color perfectly, but also will serve as a focal point against the neutral backsplash and cabinets. 

How to Design: A Pop of Color

When deciding on our signature cookware colors, we wanted to elevate the modern kitchen. We looked at designs and trends for the home, and sought after hues that added color to homes without being too much. In this modern kitchen, Perracotta serves as the perfect pop of color to add some fun to this creamy kitchen. 

All that design talk got us hungry. So, let’s keep the Perracotta trend going and introduce you to Pink Radicchio. 

How to Eat: Pink Radicchio

Available at your local farmer’s market, Pink Radicchio is perfect for salads (and Instagram). It’s slightly sweeter and more mellow than typical radicchio, and requires just a little to go a long way flavorwise. Some salt, lemon zest, lemon juice, vinegar and oil is all you need to get a gorgeous, healthy salad. 

Want something a bit heartier? Try this Radicchio Salad with Pickled Grapes & Goat Cheese

Now, you have it: the perfect recipe to make in your new cookware set that looks amazing in your kitchen. Shop our Perracotta Cookware Set and for more color inspiration, visit our Pinterest.

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