Color Concepts: The Story Behind Slate

Color Concepts: The Story Behind Slate

The Origin Of Slate 

While it may seem like we’re color experts here at Caraway, the truth is, colors take us a long time to perfect. That’s right, before Perracotta became ~Perracotta~, it was Watermelon, Coral, Raspberry, and Rose. In order to settle on the perfect shade, we go through numerous different renditions. So, in full disclosure, Slate has been on our minds for quite some time now. 

We wanted a shade that packed a punch, while still appearing neutral. Enter Slate, an incredibly versatile tone that can be paired with our core Cookware Set shades, or stand out on its own in the new Bakeware Collection. We knew the launch of Bakeware was the perfect time to launch Slate because it conveyed that this isn’t just any new color -- Slate is something special, and it needed a special launch to match. 

Sitting somewhere in-between gray and blue, Slate provides the drama of our Navy shade, while maintaining the versatility of our Gray. We’ll be the first to say – Slate may just be the perfect hue. 

Intrigued yet? Here’s an exclusive look at some of the images that inspired Slate:


Shop our Slate Bakeware Set here and remember, if we’ve learned anything from the Cookware Set that’s sold out over twenty times, our Bakeware Collection won’t be around for long.

Looking for more Slate inspo? Check out our pinterest board here

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