Color Concepts: The Story Behind The Full Bloom Collection

Color Concepts: The Story Behind The Full Bloom Collection

Inspired by floral hues and golden sunshine, The Full Bloom Collection will transform your kitchen into a summer paradise. We bring the garden party indoors with our three ethereal shades- Sky Blue, Lavender, and Peach. While each hue is unique, they all share the ability of bringing a sense of serenity to your home while elevating your interior. 

The Golden Touch 

In February of 2021, we launched our limited edition Silt Green Cookware Set with Crate & Barrel, the first of its kind with brushed gold hardware. It broke the internet, and sold out of all its stock (over three months worth!) in just five hours. 

After the success of Silt Green, we knew we wanted to bring gold hardware back, but this time, we went bigger. The Full Bloom Collection features three modern shades, all donned with shiny gold hardware. Gold hardware instantly elevates each hue, enhancing their inherent regality. When paired in the home, they go from utilitarian devices to coveted displays of art. 

On the edge of your seats yet? Meet our newest limited-edition shades. 

Sky Blue 

We chose Sky Blue for its ability to bring serenity to any space. With the addition of gold hardware, this shade is subtle, yet striking. By emulating the ambience of a perfect summer’s day, Sky Blue will instantly enhance any kitchen. 

Few shades have the ability to be as calm and cool as Sky Blue. Knowing this, we’d pair it with a kitchen that mirrors its aura. That’s right- we’re talking about all Sky Blue everything. 

(Image Credit: Martin Moore,


Lavender has always been a Caraway favorite, and we knew we wanted to incorporate it into this collection. We pared down its vivacity by creating a soft, easy-on-the-eyes lavender that complements all spaces. The only way to make this set more dreamy? Glossy gold hardware. 

Lavender is as soft as it is soothing, which is why we consider it the perfect juxtaposition to a modern kitchen. The delicate hue balanced by the crisp clean lines create a space you’ll never want to leave. 

(Image Credit: Ivanna Pavlus,


We admire Peach for its ability to add a pop of color, without going overboard. The shade is fun, yet soothing, and will make it feel like summer all year long. Paired with gold hardware, Peach *literally* brings the sunshine indoors. 

Peach is prominent, and deserves an interior to match. We’d pair it with a colorful kitchen that enhances Peach’s playfulness, resulting in a space that screams fun. 

(Image Credit: Yaroslav Priadka,

Shop our Full Bloom Collection here and remember, just like florals in Full Bloom, our collection is only here for a limited time. Looking for more Full Bloom inspo? Check out our Full Bloom pinterest board here.

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