Gifts for People Who Are Eager to Host You for Dinner in 2021

Gifts for People Who Are Eager to Host You for Dinner in 2021

Do you have someone close to you who LOVES to make an Evite for a not-so-special occasion just to have a reason to host a party? Yes, we do too. While these unprecedented times might not allow for the indoor holiday get-togethers we’re used to, it doesn’t mean our host-driven loved ones can’t have a stage to perform at their best. Here are some 2020-inspired gifts (you know the type) to give this holiday season that you will surely benefit from as well. *wink wink*

1. Flatware Caddy

Outdoor dining, but make it fashion. Only one fork, one napkin, and one spoon? Blasphemy! A flatware caddy that can hold all silverware, napkins and nice-to-haves for guests will save the host from worrying about whether or not everyone is using the right silverware for the right dish.

Consider pairing with: Tea Towels for wiping down ‘ware!

2. Cooling Wine Glasses

It’s time to pour one out and then drink it at the perfect temperature. Rather than needing an ice bucket for beverages (that keeps needing to be refilled because ice melts #duh), your beloved host can use these cooling glasses that can be chilled beforehand to keep whites, reds, and everything in between cool to the touch.

Consider pairing with: A Market Tote with a few bottles inside.

Compact Charcuterie + Tapas Board

Who doesn’t love charcuterie?! This travel-size charcuterie board is made to relish in the luxury of small bites in the great outdoors. Whether your host wants to focus on cheese as the star, or add in the tapas-worthy works, no one will get bored of this board. 

Consider pairing with: A Linen Apron. If they like making charcuterie, they *just might be* an apron person.

4. Tabletop Fireplace

Even in dark times, there can be light (literally!). As we head into cooler months, a portable tabletop fireplace will bring warmth while bringing people together and add that je ne sais quoi to making someone’s home feel like a special event space.

Consider pairing with: A Sauce Pan filled with liquid s’more-level chocolate.

5. Dinner Party Host Bundle

Nothing is more impressive than being served beautiful dishes in the cookware that made them. The Caraway Dinner Party Bundle fits any table setting, makes clean-up easy for your host, and comes with an added Sauce Pan to make enough food to guarantee leftovers. Don’t worry: there are no toxic chemicals being served with that paella (we hope it’s paella).

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