How to Add a Pop of Color to Any Kitchen

How to Add a Pop of Color to Any Kitchen

We all know the saying, “just add a pop of color!” While it sounds so simple, knowing where or how to add that elusive “pop” can get tricky. The kitchen is the center of the home, which gives any color you utilize power over the mood and emotions of everyone who walks in. Here are a few simple solutions to add a quick burst of color for any kitchen to keep your hardest-working room feeling refreshed, fun and chic.

1. Open Shelving and Colorful Cookware

Some people shy away from open shelving because it puts everything on display, but that's exactly what we like about it! Grandma's teacups, or the vase you couldn't pass by at the farmer’s market add color, life, and personality to your kitchen simply by being visible.

Of course, colorful cookware is included in this technique because, well, we love it! Whether it’s plates, mugs, or your Caraway pots and pans, your kitchen is guaranteed to make a statement when on full display. Hues like our Perracotta, Sage, and Navy not only bring a pop of color, but they also add an artistic, sculptural element to the kitchen. 

2. Paint (Think Beyond Walls)

You can't ignore the power of plain old paint. Try painting the soffits a contrasting color, or spruce up your cupboards with a fresh coat of paint. When in doubt, there's always the traditional accent wall.

That being said, don't be afraid to think outside the box! A fresh coat of paint on a kitchen island can completely change the feel of the room and create a vibrant focal point. Apply a new coat to stools, chairs, or the kitchen table to brighten and revitalize treasures you already own.

3. Switch Out Your Hardware

Drawer pulls and cupboard handles play a bigger role in kitchen decor than you might think. They create subtle character and personality without overwhelming the rest of the kitchen. Their shape, texture, and color also bring depth to your design.

Kitchen hardware plays into all kinds of styles, from modern and minimal to retro and eclectic. Think about how the color and finish of the metal fits in with the rest of your home. And, don't rule out glass hardware. Their filtered light can look like jewels flowing through the kitchen.

4. Dress It Up with Pendant Lights

For a night out, you put on your favorite necklace, chandelier earrings, or bowtie to feel classy and sophisticated. That's what the right pendant lights do for the kitchen. They take the ordinary and turn it into something memorable.

Pendant lights come in every style, shape, and size, which leaves room to be creative and find a set that speaks to you! With glass pendants alone, there are countless options to choose from -- some prefer clear glass, while others prefer colored or antiqued pendants. Metals like copper, brass, and antiqued bronze bring weight while they illuminate your kitchen. Industrial or traditional, pendants really give you the option of making a statement or adding a subtle pop of color that completes your look.

5. Add Life with Greenery

Houseplants have surged in popularity as many people strive to feel closer to nature, or in this case, move nature closer to them. Hanging planters and countertop succulents are just a few of your options to liven up your space. Houseplants also err on the practical (and healthy) side. Try growing a few herbs for fresh mint in your tea or a sprig of rosemary in your potatoes. 

Actual live plants are always best, but if your green thumb leans towards the black end of the spectrum, there are convincing fake plants that add just as much color. If you opt for fake over the real thing, think small — the smaller the plant, the more real it will look.

6. Brighten with Linens

It's always fun to change the look of a room with items you already have on hand. Your linens are the perfect example. Instead of neutrals, opt for tea towels that contrast the rest of your kitchen color scheme. Even oven mitts and potholders, if they're in the right colors and patterns, can help make the kitchen sing.

Linens that add a pop of color also give the option of changing out your accent color whenever you feel like it. A change of seasons? Great, pull out the Sage tea towels and put the navy blue away. Thanksgiving coming up? Reach for the Perracotta ones. And don't forget the power of a tablecloth or chair covers for furniture that needs a quick sprucing up.

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