Non-Toxic Cookware Swaps

Non-Toxic Cookware Swaps

There has been a steady rise in popularity of non-toxic household products, and it’s not hard to understand why. From recognizing the ingredients to thoughtfully considering the environmental impact, natural products give us more autonomy over the choices we make for our bodies, our living spaces, and the planet at large. While that may sound a bit dramatic, hear us out: The Environmental Protection Agency reports that less than 1% of the 40,000 chemicals used in U.S. consumer products have been rigorously tested, making their overall impact on our bodies and the environment unknown. Luckily, It’s never been easier to find non-toxic alternatives for common household products, which can allow you (and the planet) to breathe a little easier. Below is a list of simple, non-toxic replacements for your day to day life. 

Surface cleaners 

All-purpose cleaners are essential for the home, but you don’t need a chemically enhanced one to get that deep clean. Try swapping for a natural alternative from the non-toxic brand Better Life. Specializing in plant-powered cleaning solutions, Better Life’s products are featured in sustainable packaging that are biodegradable and dye-free. Did we mention they’re also Oprah approved?


While candles add ambiance and coziness to any home, harmful toxic compounds can be released into your home with every light, so much so that allergies and asthma can be triggered. We’re encouraging you to get a whiff of Otherland. Filled with a coconut and soy wax blend, and a 100% cotton wick, these candles are designed to get you lit responsibly (and safely). Plus, the empty votives are designed to be reused as decorative home accents, from a planter to storing keys and more. 


Many antiperspirants are made with formulas that include aluminum, parabens, and triclosan, which have been linked to long term health effects and complications. Natural alternatives, like Native, offer the benefits of deodorant without the chemically-forced smell of plastic flowers and baby powder. Toxins are replaced instead of baking soda to neutralize odors, coconut oil for smooth application and essential oils to keep you smelling fresh. 

Bug Spray 

Naturally, we had to include one of the most outwardly toxic household products: bug spray. We’re guessing this one isn’t a surprise, considering bug spray’s sole purpose is to emit toxins to ward off bugs. But, we’re happy to report that there are options that won’t give you a headache and burn the inside of your nostrils! Enter natural insect repellent, like Repel. This highly popular spray (seriously, read their Amazon reviews) is free of DEET, smells fresh (30% of the formula is made with plant-based lemon eucalyptus!), and protects you for up to 6 hours. The best part? You never have to shake one of those greasy aerosol cans again. 


You saw this coming, right? Our cookware is made with smooth, non-stick ceramic and without PTFE (such as Teflon®), so you’re not potentially exposed to harmful fumes when you cook. We think about our products consciously throughout every step, from our ethical manufacturing processes to the recycled and zero-plastic packaging because while your ingredients may not always be healthy (like that Kraft Mac & Cheese), your cookware should be.

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