Reasons To Use Nonstick Cookware

Reasons To Use Nonstick Cookware

We can all agree that the worst part of cooking dinner is the clean-up, right? It is especially irritating when you have that one pan that, no matter how many times you wash it, just never gets clean! What should have been a five-minute clean-up turns into fifteen minutes spent with you at the kitchen sink scrubbing.

At Caraway, we understand how busy people are these days. We would rather spend time in our kitchens appreciating their design, not spend hours scrubbing and cleaning our cookware. If this sounds like a struggle you can relate to, read on to discover why you may want to make the switch to using nonstick cookware in your kitchen!

What Exactly is Nonstick Cookware?

Nonstick cookware is cookware that is typically coated with Teflon. Because of this Teflon coating, less oil is needed in cooking, and food is typically easier to clean from the cookware. Despite the ease it brings in cooking and cleaning, many people are reluctant to use nonstick cookware because the Teflon coating can cause potentially negative health and environmental effects.

However, there is a healthier, more sustainable version of cookware that is quickly gaining popularity: ceramic cookware. Using ceramic cookware couldn’t be easier, and there are a lot of reasons that you will want to go out and get to using new nonstick ceramic cookware in your home and kitchen today.

Everything Cooking

Professional chefs may rely on the best nonstick cookware sets on the market, but they're not just for restaurants anymore. High-quality nonstick skillets and non-stick pots, as well as other kitchen essentials, have moved beyond busy professional kitchens into an aesthetically pleasing item that finishes any picturesque kitchen.

Healthier Cooking

A larger number of people have made the switch to using nonstick cookware because of one simple thing: healthier cooking. Because these pans have a nonstick surface, less oil or butter is needed to cook your food.

Nonstick cookware sounds really appealing, and it is easy to understand why. However, as our knowledge of cooking and science has expanded, we’ve learned quite a few troublesome facts about nonstick cookware. The discovery of the dangers of Teflon led many people to wonder if the usage of fewer oils even matters when the threat of Teflon is present.

A clear answer appeared in the kitchen design market: ceramic cookware.

That is why using ceramic cookware is a great way to get the best of both worlds! Ceramic cookware has naturally nonstick surfaces due to the composition of its interior. 

Ceramic cookware is made of natural minerals from the earth without any harmful components like polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and PFAs. This mineral interior allows for a slick interior, so you are able to use less oil or butter as you cook in your Saute Pan!

Because ceramic cookware is made of natural ingredients, you also do not have to worry about possibly contaminating your food with chemicals found in the coating of typical nonstick pans or worry about releasing those same chemicals when you spend time cleaning up after you finish cooking. 

Better Cooking

How irritating is it when you cook chicken, and some parts are burnt while others are barely cooked due to poor heat distribution? Not only does using nonstick ceramic cookware allow for healthier cooking, but because of its construction, ceramic cookware also spreads the heat for an even heating every time. This means that your food is more evenly cooked, helping prevent burning. Ceramic cookware also retains heat longer, meaning you can cook on more of a medium heat rather than a super high temperature.

But that is not the only reason to make the switch to nonstick cookware.


How often do you throw out fifty dollars on a pan only for it to end up scratched up, worn out, and practically useless within six months? This struggle is more common than you’d think. That is why another great reason to use nonstick ceramic cookware is its durability and scratch-resistant finely crafted layers.

Ceramic cookware is proven to last longer! This ceramic Cookware Set includes a stainless steel base and handles, which allows it to stand the test of time. This particular set also includes a storage rack for your pans, which is intended to minimize the risk of chipping or scratching your cookware during storage. It also saves space in your cabinets. This way, your countertops are free of clutter, and you’re on your way to a kitchen that is perfectly magazine-worthy.

Ceramic cookware is oven-safe up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of its construction, ceramic cookware also heats up more evenly and retains heat more effectively, which means you do not have to heat up your Fry Pan as hot as you would typical pans. This allows the pan’s natural nonstick coating to remain intact for longer, allowing you to use your cookware for years to come.

Easy Clean Up

Not only does nonstick ceramic cookware have incredible durability, but it also provides for easy cleanup. Cleaning up after cooking could not be easier. After letting your cookware cool down completely, wash your pans with warm water and soap. This quickly cleans your pans of any residue leftover from cooking. Using only warm water, soap, and a gentle sponge is a more delicate cleaning method. Handwashing your cookware will also help your pans last longer for several years to come/

When cleaning your Dutch Oven, be sure to avoid more abrasive cleaning tools, like steel wool. Not only are they not necessary to get your cookware squeaky clean, but they can even damage your pans. 

Outside of washing your pan with warm water and soap, your pan requires nothing else to keep it clean and functioning well. Unlike other types of cookware, you do not have to worry about seasoning your pan regularly. Like cast iron pans, your ceramic cookware may get some browning from use. Although this browning is natural and bound to happen, if it bothers you, you can use baking soda and vinegar to remove it.

After you have finished washing your pans, make sure you dry them completely! Use a non-abrasive cloth, like this Tea Towel

After drying, make sure you store your pans safely since your storage is just as important as your use when it comes to keeping your cookware nice and fresh! Not only is it easy and quick to clean your pans, but nonstick ceramic cookware also helps contribute to a cleaner environment!

Environmental Sustainability

Your environmental footprint is important, so the last thing you want is to use materials that are bad for the environment. Now, you do not have to worry about this in your kitchen and cooking, either. Because nonstick ceramic cookware is only composed of natural ingredients, you do not have to worry about releasing toxic fumes or materials from your pan after cooking or scrubbing away at your pans.

Teflon is one of the contaminants that also has been found to be polluting the environment, so using nonstick ceramic cookware, which does not contain Teflon, is a more sustainable option than other nonstick cookware options.

The Caraway Cookware Set also uses a coating that releases 60% less CO2 when going through the manufacturing process compared to similar cookware. This is not only healthier for you but is healthier for your environment.

Because of its construction, ceramic cookware also does not need to be heated as high or for as long, meaning you cut down on your power and energy usage. As a nice bonus, Caraway packages everything from our Cookware to our Linens in environmentally friendly material like recyclable cardboards, and we never use single-use plastics. Now, you can make your kitchen another place that you help practice good environmental responsibility.

Options, Options, Options!

Just because cookware is a practical item doesn’t mean that it can’t be beautiful.  Because of the wide range of designs available, your ceramic cookware is stylish enough that it could even be used as kitchen decor, as well! This Ceramic Cookware set comes in Gray, Navy, Sage, Cream, or Perracotta, giving you enough color options to match the style of any kitchen!

Not only that, but since we took the traditional 16-piece set and boiled it down to four versatile pieces, storage is a breeze. With all that extra space, we love seeing people swap out different colored cookware for the different seasons. Now your cookware can be as beautiful as your food.

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