Smörgåsbord: Your Caraway Photos In April

Smörgåsbord: Your Caraway Photos In April

Every day, we’re inspired by our Caraway community. Whether it’s taking on new cooking or design projects, we love seeing people come together with their Caraway.

For many of us, the kitchen is a place of sanctuary, a place to fuel our creativity, and make memories. As we find ourselves in our homes now more than ever, we’re looking at our Instagram community to show us how they’re redefining their time spent home. Take a look at our favorite posts on Instagram this month.

Reminding the kids the importance of those twenty seconds.

Cooking is only half the fun with Caraway. Here are these photos to remind you just how easy cleaning is now.

Shelter in place means at-home brunch, like homemade chilaquiles.

Spending quality time with loved ones (in your Caraway box!). 

Taking the time to reorganize your kitchen.  


A deep look into why non-toxic cookware is important to the safety of you and your pets, especially. 

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So we’ve been doing A LOT of cooking—I haven’t made banana bread yet though 🤣😅. Do you have a good recipe you want to pass my way? 👀 This @caraway_home cookware came just in time. When I got @ricointhecity_, I knew I would have to make some pretty big changes to my lifestyle—especially when it came to cooking. Birds are extremely sensitive to odorless, colorless toxins that are emitted from non-stick cookware...and it could kill them in minutes. These toxins are also harmful to us and children—they don’t leave our bodies for up to 10 years until after we are exposed to them. Not only are these pots and pans chic, but they are non-toxic AND non-stick. Now, I have peace of mind knowing that I can keep Rico safe, while also continuing to enjoy my love for cooking. 💗 I wrote an in-depth review on that goes over the specific chemicals and toxins that are probably in the cookware you’re using right now. Stay safe out there! 😘 #gifted

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To new beginnings. 

Making space for new cookware. 

Further proof that the Cream Set looks perfect in literally every kitchen.  

Showing off our new Linens Collection


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