Smörgåsbord: Your Caraway Photos In June

Smörgåsbord: Your Caraway Photos In June

As the dust begins to settle, and we relax into our “new normal,” we know one thing will stay the same—our newfound appreciation for the little things in life. Whether it's a delicious home-cooked meal or a perfectly organized pantry, we look to our Instagram community to uphold our renewed appreciation for the home’s simple pleasures. Check out some of our favorite posts on Instagram from our Caraway family. 

Perracotta cookware: the perfect centerpiece for any table.

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If you know me you know that I love to have my house full of family and friends. I enjoy cooking so much and now using @caraway_home my cooking life is way easier. Their pans are so beautiful and easy to clean and it's beautiful! Use the link in my bio and get yours! . . . Para quem me conhece sabe que eu amo ter a casa cheia de família e amigos. Eu amo cozinhar especialmente agora com essas panelas que são super facil de limpar, e não pregam comida. Uma maravilha. Tem um link na minha Bio com um desconto maravilhoso, aproveitem!!. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #cookingathome #cookingram #skills #familygoals #caraway #pans #amocozinhar #cozinheiras #cozinheiraemcasa #Ad

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Finding new ways to celebrate old traditions in your Caraway.

When your cookware looks like it was designed for your kitchen.

Roxie showing us all how cute our Perracotta Linen Apron is.

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🙅🏽‍♀️ Is snacking ‘bad’? Is eating late ‘bad’? Are there ‘bad’ foods? 🙅🏽‍♀️ ⠀ ⠀ I’ve heard the common complaint that snacking or eating late at night is a big problem for some or they feel guilty eating that food that they love ⠀ The real question isn’t if snacking is bad or if there are bad foods, yes some are more nutritious than others. It’s about the other choices you made that day because no matter when or what you eat, it’s all about balance and what makes YOU feel GOOD! ⠀ The fact is that it doesn’t matter what time of day you eat at because eating the same amount of food between 9am and 7pm or 12pm and 10pm is still going to be the same amount of food.. ⠀ Same with snacking: if you have 6 small portions (or snacks whatever you want to call it) or 3 meals a day that are equivalent in value, it’s still the same amount of food. Having your pancakes on Saturday AM is the same as the tortilla chips you’ll have after dinner. ⠀ Bottom line is that you’re not ‘bad’ for eating at a certain time of day or for having a particular food ⠀ Food is nourishing, food is energy, food tastes good ⠀ What’s bad is feeling ‘bad’ about what you’re doing or overdoing it to the point of feeling ill ⠀ So eat what makes you feel good at the time of day that feels right for you ⠀ ⠀ PS. I like making my protein pancakes in my @caraway_home set, perfect for flipping them to golden crispiness 👌🏽

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Our favorite part of kitchen renovations? Seeing you add Caraway as the finishing touch.

The only thing that makes this sandwich look better is toasting it in a Caraway.

Family time starts at the stove.

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Like all great love stories begin, I can still remember in great detail the moment I first laid eyes on a Caraway set. It was on another blogger’s Insta stories, of course. ☺️ My first impression was one of pure confusion, as I watched and became decidedly convinced that this woman was cooking her food in a pretty gray bowl directly on her stovetop. Her pan was so pristine and lovely looking; there was no way that I was looking at cookware. What was happening??!! You guys, seriously, I messaged her like “Hey girl, are you cooking on a BOWL??” 😂 And so began my obsession with the Caraway pans, which are sold in multiple colors as a set of four, complete with lids, trivets and convenient storage for both the set and the lids. It took a few weeks of obsessing, daydreaming and researching before we made the decision to ditch all our old (mostly mismatched) pots and pans and invest in a Caraway set. Wait- except the cast iron. We kept that one. 🍳What I love about Caraway aside from the GORGEOUS aesthetic is the fact that this brand created a nontoxic AND nonstick surface (which I’ve never seen before) and includes cooking and care instructions that ensure that your pans show NO signs of wear and tear at all. Using lower heat, less oil and washing these gently after they’ve cooled down is what helps the cookware achieve its long lasting sparkle.✨ Mike and I both love the look so much that we rearranged our kitchen to include the cookware right out on the kitchen counter! Guys I am clearly obsessed and I am SO excited to share with you that Caraway is offering you $25 off your full set when you purchase through the link in my bio! This offer is good through 7/14. Can’t wait for you all to experience the magic!👏🏼🍳

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Peep the ultimate storage solutions.

Hands down will always be the most exciting unboxing experience.

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. What’s cookin’ good lookin’?!?! #ad . . I am SUPER excited to have partnered up with @caraway_home and take clean eating to a whole nutha level!😎 . We have all heard the saying “ you are what you eat” but sometimes we neglect to think about the cookware we use to prepare our foods in and how it can affect us. 🤔As a mother, this has become progressively more important to me as I learn how to clean up many of the products in my home, making them safer for myself and for my family. . @caraway_home cookware is free of toxic materials that can potentially leach into the foods we cook or even produce toxic fumes [gross😝]. This truly gives me peace of mind for my family. It also doesn’t hurt that these pots + pans are also easy on the eyes😍 AND actually perform!! Like they are LEGIT!! . I’ll admit that I was a bit skeptical to how well they would truly stand up due to my previous experiences with clean, “non-stick” cookware. But after consistently using them, multiple times a day for about a month now, I assure you they can hang!💪🏼lol But, you don’t have to take my word for it, you can try them yourself for 30 days [returns are free] AND even save $25 with the link in my bio. Drop any Q’s you have below 👇🏼+ be sure to watch my stories today for the unboxing. 💁🏼‍♀️Anyone else get super geeked out about new cookware tho!?!? #askingforafriend . . . #carawayhome #cleancookware #whatscookingoodlookin #getcooking

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When your kitchenware looks this good, open shelving is your only option.


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