Pros of Non-Teflon Pans

Pros of Non-Teflon Pans

If you’re anything like us, you want sustainable cookware that is easy to use and clean! What if you could have cooking utensils that are not only safe and simple to use but would also look phenomenal in your kitchen? If this sounds like something you would love, then these non-Teflon pans may just be the right product for you!

Read on to discover what the pros are of non-Teflon pans and why they might just be the look your kitchen needs!

What Is a Non-Teflon Pan and Why Should You Care?

Teflon is the layman’s term for a PTFE chemical that coats many of the non-stick pans on the market today. Teflon has started garnering attention since, when heated over 500 degrees Fahrenheit, it releases toxic fumes that can negatively impact your overall health. 

Teflon also has possible environmental risks through the emission of harmful chemicals into the air. This calls for a more sustainable and safer option for cookware.

Because of this, many companies have started creating non-Teflon pans, thereby providing a safer, non-toxic alternative for your cooking needs. However, using non-Teflon pans has more pros than just that.

We think a lot about the food we put in our bodies, but we should probably take a few seconds to consider how the food got from the store or garden onto our plate: our Cookware. 

Pros of Non-Teflon Cookware

If you are unsure about adding a healthy version of non-stick cookware to your cabinets or stovetop, Caraway has the inside scoop on everything you need to know. 

You Can Still Use Non-Stick Cookware

Majority of the non-stick cookware on the market today is sealed with a Teflon coating, so some might believe that in order to have the ease of cooking that’s synonymous with non-stick cookware, they have to compromise their health and safety. However, you can still get the ease of using non-stick cookware that you love without dealing with the dangers of Teflon.

Ceramic cookware is a great example of non-stick cookware that’s free of toxic chemicals. Ceramic cookware has a naturally non-stick surface, meaning it is just as easy to clean, and you only need one or two tablespoons of oil for cooking, without the danger of Teflon coating. 

Modern Designs

If you’re like us, you want the safety of using non-Teflon pans, but you also want kitchenware that will look great in your home. If you’re worried about your options when it comes to having modern, safe cookware, look no further.

There are a variety of products and designs you can find in the ceramic cookware segment. With colors like Gray, Navy, Sage, Cream, and Perracotta (not to mention specialty limited edition colors), ceramic cookware has a modern design that is sure to look great in any kitchen! On our Instagram, we absolutely love it when people send us a quick pic (or five) of their kitchen aesthetic so we can recommend the perfect color to match their space. 

However, many people like picking up pans for different seasons, so their kitchens always feel fresh and modern while always matching their seasonal Linens and floral accents and centerpieces. 

Ceramic cookware is not only a safer alternative, but it also comes in tasteful colors and designs that will make you wonder if your cooking utensils can double as kitchen decor! If you decide you want to use your new ceramics to enhance your kitchen decor or even add a pop of color, this Ceramic Cookware Set comes with a perfect magnetic pan rack and lid holder that can help you display your new cooking utensils in style in the oh-so-pleasing Caraway Cabinet design. 

One of the hardest parts about storing cookware is where to put the lids. Our full Cookware Set comes with a lid holder (pro tip: the Fry Pan and the Dutch Oven share one size lid). 

Every Type of Pan You Need

Now that you know that you can get the cooking utensils you want in stylish colors, you’re probably worrying that making the switch to  safer cookware like ceramic will limit the types of products you can get. Trust us- it doesn’t! You can get ceramic cookware you are sure to love in the following: 

  • Sauté Pans: We use Sauté Pans all the time! Whether you’re cooking just for you or for a larger group you’re entertaining, you can use your sauté pan for frying, boiling, stir-fry, or anything else you can think of! This Sauté Pan comes in the perfect size for any type of cooking you need to do!  (And it even comes with an included lid that matches the color of your choice, I mean, what else could you want?)
  • Fry Pan: Your Fry Pan is a breakfast essential. Whether you’re cooking eggs or flipping pancakes, your Fry Pan is there for you. But that is not all your fry pan is good for! You can use your Fry Pan for cooking veggies, and this Fry Pan is perfect for date nights, its size making it perfect for cooking dinner for two! 
  • Sauce Pan: No cookware set is complete without a Sauce Pan! After all, what else could you use to make delicious mac and cheese, soups, and sauce for yummy pasta? This Sauce Pan is the perfect size for making any of the sauces or soups you need, as well as poaching, boiling, or steaming your food! Just like the Sauté Pan, this pan also comes with a stylish, matching lid.
  • Dutch Oven: At this point, you are probably wondering, “What else could I need?” But your options are not limited yet! You can also get a Dutch Oven in ceramic cookware. This pan is the perfect size for making food for larger parties or is also the ideal size for a dinner for your whole family.

The Dutch Oven is ideal for cooking your pastas, stews, and everything else yummy that you love to cook! Like the Sauce Pan and Sauté Pan, it also comes with a matching lid!

If you’re thinking that all of these pans sound like what you need, you’re in the right place. All of these pieces come in the Full Cookware Set, which offers you the best price for getting your sustainable and stylish cookware, as well as the storage options that can elevate your kitchen to the next level.

So, Is it Worth it?

With pros like this, it’s hard to imagine why so many haven’t made the switch to using non-Teflon cookware! If you’re looking for safety, sustainability, and style, making the switch from Non-Teflon pans to ceramic cookware might be the next move for you!

Kitchens are so much more than just places we jump in and out of to whip up a quick meal or brew a pot of coffee. They are cornerstones of our lives. Our children do homework in kitchens, we bond over a late-night snack with our best friends, and we share a cup of tea to console a loved one during a troubled time. When we use kitchens as much as we do, we want them to be as beautiful as the rest of our homes. 

With intentional living and design, such as choosing our favorite trusty pan to match our artfully displayed Tea Towels and Pot Holders, our kitchens become a haven for our families.

So if you’re a professional chef or if you’re just popping on that adorable Apron for an Instagram photo shoot, take care of your kitchen like it takes care of you.

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