Holiday Gifts To Convince Your Significant Other to Cook More

Holiday Gifts To Convince Your Significant Other to Cook More

Every gift is a subtle nudge. This year give your significant other some culinary encouragement with something that fills out the potential of your shared kitchen. (And if you haven’t moved in together yet, be prepared: get them the right presents, and you might find yourself in a U-Haul come May).

1. Sous Vide

The fun of sous vide lies in the art and the science. It helps you to make rich, thoroughly-cooked meals (at-home-steak, anyone?) while also seeming to defy physics.

Date idea: Chicken Noodle Soup Night
Consider pairing with: A Dutch Oven pot. You need some height on that pot to make magic.

2. Smart Pasta Maker

There's no denying that pasta is romantic. Rather than splash-splashing your way through hard-cooked linguine, make a decadent knot of homemade pappardelle. It'll be like the Rome vacation you keep promising each other to take.

Date idea: Pasta Competition Night
Consider pairing with: Aprons, of course!

3. Uniform Spice Jar Set

Undoubtedly one of you is more organized than the other. And more than likely each of you (being human) is floating around in this world with mismatched salt and pepper containers you stole from a roommate in 2017. Get on the same page with a beautifully designed spice set.

Date idea: Indian Meal Night
Consider pairing with: Market Tote for the produce you grab at the farmer’s market before spicing it up.

4. Cheese Knife Set

Imagine dating someone who always has a charcuterie on hand when you most need it. (Can we make that a box to check on Hinge?) Perhaps the only inspiration your partner needs to get there is some cooler knives.

Date idea: Blind wine and cheese pairing
Consider pairing with: Tea Towels to bring some color near your board.

5.  Minimalist Chef Bundle

Rise and shine! Your significant other is not only brewing a cup of coffee, but they’ve taken the dog out, ran a load of laundry, and made you some slide-off-the-pan eggs on a non-toxic Caraway Fry Pan. Plus they’ve loaded up a Sauce Pan with a stovetop holiday potpourri filled with cinnamon, cloves, orange, and lemon. They also leave their Caraway Tea Towels folded on their oven to prove that they’re a real adult who avoids real messes. 

Date idea: Get back in bed. :) 

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