What Your Oven Mitt Pattern Says About You

What Your Oven Mitt Pattern Says About You

The kitchen is the heart of the home, the central hub, and our favorite place to congregate. 

There’s no single reason we’re all mystically drawn to the kitchen; there’s several. The kitchen is where our favorite holiday meals are made, where we hang out to read and do homework, and where we nibble on our favorite snacks while we reflect on the day that’s passed. With so much time spent in and around the kitchen (the true epicenter of the home), we’re bound to find ourselves daydreaming and staring off into the distance, AKA, lightly examining the kitchen and everything in it. Need we get into the reasons it’s important to have a well-kept kitchen? 

The pattern, design, and appearance of our Oven Mitts - and all of our kitchen linens, really - are in our peripheral vision and subconscious sight more often than we may realize. Now, the connection between the human brain and colors is very well established. Patterns, designs, and colors can have a mental and emotional pull on our feelings, mood, and behavior. Considering the amount of time we spend in our beloved kitchen: this impact can be substantial. 

The pattern of our Oven Mitts is too often overlooked when designing the kitchen space. Kitchen accessories and Kitchen Linens are a great way to add a pop of color, express your personality, and give yourself the best (background) influence possible. 

What is an Oven Mitt Pattern?

An Oven Mitt pattern is simply the decorative design of your Oven Mitts. 

We use various elements of decorative design all over our homes. Patterns in design can be an excellent way to express ourselves, and we tend to choose patterns that we feel are an extension of our personality (in some way or another), represent our character, or portray an image of how we want others to see us. 


We also choose patterns - consciously or subconsciously - that will support a harmonious atmosphere. We tend to style our homes in ways that follow a general flow or sense of unity because consistency is not only beautiful but comfortable. A space that is color-coordinated, matching (in some regard), or complementary to itself is much more relaxing than a space that clashes or has abrupt variations in design. 

Patterns also play a significant role in setting the mood of a room (or if your home adheres to an open concept, the mood of an entire floor). Patterns, colors, textures, and lighting are just a few elements that create an atmosphere and overall ambiance. 

So, an Oven Mitt pattern may seem trivial, but the devil is always in the details, remember?

What Your Oven Mitt Pattern Says About You

We’ve all seen infographics on the Internet that make claims about how things like your preferred sleeping position and the angle you slice your toast can reveal your personality. Many of these infographics likely come to our attention via an estranged relative reposting them on Facebook. Nonetheless, these little self-quizzes can be fun from time to time, and ever so often, there happens to be some truth to them.

Today we’re applying this concept to the pattern - or lack thereof - to your Oven Mitts. Here are some different design elements and what your Oven Mitt pattern says about you. 


Colors are one of the first elements we notice in any space and, as we know from a multitude of research studies, can affect our mood and emotions.

  • Color Coordinating Oven Mitts is a fantastic way to level up the feel of your kitchen, while still ensuring that every item that you have in the space is useful and was intentionally chosen. By selecting Oven Mitts in rich, vivid colors like Cream and Navy, you ensure that they’ll bring the warmth and depth to a space that you need. Better yet, you can match your Oven Mitts directly with your Cream or Navy Cookware Set, or pair them with gorgeous coordinating hues like Sage, Gray, and Perracotta. 

  • White Oven Mitts are associated with minimalism, simplicity, and elegance. The color white is usually prominent and abundant in spaces that have a calm vibe and give off a sense of purity and cleanliness. Because white is reflective of light, it can be your new best friend if you’re trying to make a smaller room feel bigger and brighter. Too much white, however, can begin to become associated with sterility, like in medical settings. In regard to Oven Mitts, white probably isn’t the best choice because, with all of the action they’ll endure, white won’t stay white for long. 
  • Black Oven Mitts is definitely a statement. If your Oven Mitts are black, please show us the rest of your kitchen because we guarantee it’s hip and daring. Although black is undoubtedly powerful, it's best used in moderation as not to “drag down” the rest of the kitchen. Black can serve as an excellent grounding or balancing agent to mellow out of the use of other colors or excess light. Black Oven Mitts will do the best job at hiding splatters of pasta sauce and specs of spices, but remember they still need to be washed just as frequently as white Oven Mitts, despite messes not being highly evident on them. 
  • Warm colors like red, orange, and yellow exude warmth, comfort, and passion. These colors and their various shades can have both a calming and energizing effect, depending on the rest of the setting they’re used in. For example, shades of red can emit passion, increase appetite, and provide a sense of grounding. Red is perhaps the most versatile, and depending on the shade, can vary from energetic or aggressive and scary. 
  • Cool colors like blue, green, and purple are relaxing, refreshing, and can feel like a breath of fresh air. Shades of blue are some of the most popular colors to invoke feelings of serenity and peacefulness because, for many, blue reminds us of a calm, flowing river or stream. Green is likely the accent color if your kitchen is a “green kitchen.” Green helps us feel connected to the earth and the environment and can be highly complementary if your kitchen is filled with plants, herbs, and flowers. Purple is the perfect middle ground between stimulation and serenity and is an excellent choice for a playful kitchen. Purple is also said to encourage creativity, so if your kitchen is multifunctional and an area for homework, studying, and working, you may enjoy a purple accessory or two. 

Polka Dots

Polka dots are an exciting, bold move; they’re very retro and très chic. If your Oven Mitts have polka dots, you’re young at heart, love to be playful, and never take yourself too seriously. You love to work hard, and you’re a better multitasker than most (which shouldn’t be much of a surprise given you enjoy this rambunctious pattern). 

Do you love baking? We bet you do. Polka dot Oven Mitts go oh so well with the vision of pulling fresh muffins or chocolate chip cookies out of the oven - can you smell the aroma already? Don’t let anyone tell you your Oven Mitts are anything less than wonderful; they’re likely just jealous of your positive outlook and self-confidence. 

Because this pattern is available in so many different sizes and colors of the dots (and the background), there are almost infinite ways to do polka dot Oven Mitts. A word to the wise, dots that are too small can be dizzying to look at and even be a tad disorienting; stick with “standard” size polka dots, and you’ll be good to go! 


Strips are a timeless print pattern that may never, ever go out of style. Stripes are associated with formality, business, and intelligence, and there’s nothing wrong with that! When you’re cooking up your top-secret and highly adored recipe, it’s serious business!

But in all seriousness (pun intended), stripes can be played up or dressed down depending on their color scheme. Black and white stripes ooze confidence while balancing power with elegance. Vertical, horizontal, and diagonal B&W stripes give off slight nuances in feeling, which can be used to your advantage and matched to your personality. If your Oven Mitts have black and white stripes in any direction, we want a slice of your next casserole or apple crumble, please. 

Colorful stripes are a world of their own. If your Oven Mitts have colorful stripes, we’re just about dying of curiosity to see the rest of your kitchen: in a good way! While black and white stripes are suited to those who enjoy a “business in the front, party in the back” style, colored stripes likely find themselves in kitchens of those who prefer a more chaotic lifestyle. Remember, chaotic isn’t necessarily bad; organized chaos can be beautiful, inspiring, and creativity-sparking - you do you!

Vintage Design

Vintage design patterns are popular for those who are nostalgic of the past or enjoy a good ol’ trip down memory lane from time to time. If we take some time to think about it, vintage is all around us; the architecture of the US Capitol building, refurbished cabinetry, pottery dinnerware, and so much more. The vintage design has earned and proved itself to represent integrity, fairness, and stability - the perfect characteristics to turn any house into a home. 

Vintage can take many forms, such as these Oven Mitts, which are a vintage design with a modern approach; handwoven pattern designs inspired by old-school flour sacks. Nothing inspires a bread-baking mood quite like using your vintage Oven Mitts, bringing you into a headspace of cottage vibes, spring feeling, and wholesomeness. 

Floral or Animal Print

Floral is feminine, elegant, and soft to the core. If your Oven Mitts are floral, you love to travel, learn new things, and meet new people. You’re also a very caring person, and as everyone knows, your kitchen is always well-kept. We also wouldn’t be surprised if you have fresh herbs in small pots growing on your windowsill and small plants and flowers throughout your home. 

Floral is warm, welcoming, and friendly. With floral patterns, one doesn’t have to be a mother or partner to give off nurturing and loving energy. Floral allows for so much creativity in the details of design, and this allows you to express your beautiful individuality in all of its glory, almost down to a tee. 

Animal print is another family of patterns that are excellent for expression and statement-making. “Africa chic” is a trend inspired by animal prints and ethnic patterns and does a marvelous job bridging elegance, creativity, and (some degree of) quirkiness. Zebra, Tiger, and Leopard prints are a few of the most popular, but there are several more to choose from (although with a pattern already as striking as animal print, you may want to stick with these “classics”). 


Seasonal Oven Mitts are humorous and probably a little bit weird and ugly. We’re talking about Santa Claus Oven Mitts (that you were gifted half as a joke), Oven Mitts with two giant Easter bunnies on them (intended for Easter weekend cooking and nothing more), and perhaps a pair with a slightly naughty design (that your partner gave you). Life is supposed to be fun, so seasonally designed Oven Mitts are more than welcome! In fact, they’re encouraged. 

Christmas, Halloween, and Easter are just a few occasions that may call for their own pair of Oven Mitts. Think “ugly Christmas sweater,” but in Oven Mitt form. 

Think of Oven Mitt Pattern as Opportunity

Opportunity for creativity, expression, and fun. Your kitchen accessories, decor, and linens are an opportunity to add some personality to your space, and not just any personality, your personality. 

Kitchens are the heart of the home — go ahead, wear your heart on your sleeve. We can’t wait to see it. 

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