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The Iconics Collection

Discover Caraway’s internet-famous kitchenware, redesigned in two iconic new shades.

Over 50,000 Cooks Have Spoken.


“I tried the internet-famous Caraway cookware set, and I can confirm it’s worth the hype.”

Get To Know Iconics


Features our signature non-toxic ceramic, so you can cook with ease knowing no harmful chemcials are leaching into your clean ingredients.

High Design

Offered in elevated Black & White shades to upgrade any space and please even the pickiest of cooks.


Naturally slick surfaces designed for easy cooking & keeps your iconic kitchenware looking chic.

We’re on a mission to craft well-designed home goods that thoughtfully raise the standards of what you cook with. Our products are designed to make your life easier & healthier.

  • Iconic Colors

    What’s Black, White, and iconic all over? These must-have shades, now available as part of our Cookware, Bakeware, and Tea Kettle Collections.

  • Glossy Gold Hardware

    Designed to wow, sets are donned with gold hardware – adding (yet another) element of glam to these already chic kitchenwares.

  • Doubles As Decor

    Whether the Tea Kettle is sitting pretty on your stove or Cookware & Bakeware are adorning your counters, one thing is sure—Iconics were designed to be displayed.

How We Compare


Are the materials used in the non-stick coating safe for my family and the environment?


Does food easily slide around the cooking surface with a minimal amount of oil or butter?


Are the pots and pans easily washed and cared for?

Heat Conductivity

Does the surface heat evenly, avoiding cool spots and unevenly cooked food?


Does the cookware perform well no matter what cooktop or environment?

Caraway® Non-Stick


Non-Stick (ex: Teflon®)

Stainless Steel

Cast Iron

Caraway In The Wild

Our Iconics Kitchenware has been catching eyes.


Designed With
You In Mind

Discover thoughtfully designed kitchenware that’s better for you, your home, and the planet.

Free of PTFE (such as Teflon®)

Free of PFOA

Free of other PFAs

4.8/5.0 (41,266 reviews)

Cookware Set





Ditch the chemicals with Caraway’s ceramic-coated cookware. Our complete set comes equipped with pan & lid storage units to keep your kitchen organized and stylish.

$150 Savings | Includes Cookware Storage

4.9/5.0 (5,313 reviews)

Bakeware Set





Our Bakeware Set includes 11 pieces, all featuring a toxin-free ceramic surface, so you can get to baking goods without any of the bads. Sets include storage organizers to keep your kitchen tidy.

$150 Savings | Includes Bakeware Storage

4.7/5.0 (603 reviews)

Whistling Tea Kettle





Caraway’s Whistling Tea Kettle is a modern take on the classic kitchen essential, constructed with non-toxic materials to keep your boiled water clean and free of harmful chemicals.

$50 Savings | Includes Pot Holder

All In Good Taste

4.8/5.0 (41,266 Reviews)

  • “This set is eco-friendly and non-toxic. Yes, please.”

    Kristen B.


    "I’m in love with iconics! They hold up great, are easy to clean, and BEAUTIFUL to look at!"

    Julie B.


  • “I actually enjoy washing these! The tales were true, grease and grime slide off!”

    Erik B.

    "The kettle looks perfect on my stove and goes well with my other Caraway products. It makes the best tea!"

    Margaret W.


  • "This bakeware set is phenomenal! Not only does it look beautiful, it cooks evenly and makes for easy clean-up."

    Kimber D.


    "Best bakeware set ever used!! Nothing and I miss nothing sticks!!!!"

    Jeremy L.


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