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5 Things In Your Kitchen You Didn't Know Were Toxic

Here's our list of five common kitchen items that you might not have known can be harmful, plus safer alternatives to consider.


1. Nonstick Pans

Traditional nonstick pans often use chemicals like PTFE (Teflon) and PFOA.

When heated to high temperatures, these chemicals can release toxic fumes that can be harmful to pets and humans.

People exposed to these chemical can experience flu-like symptoms known as "Teflon flu."


Opt for non-toxic, ceramic nonstick pans, like Caraway.

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2. Plastic Storage Containers

Some plastic containers contain BPA (Bisphenol A).

BPA is a chemical used in making certain plastics.

When these containers are exposed to heat (like in a microwave) or if they're scratched and worn out, BPA can leach into your food.


Consider switching to glass or ceramic storage containers.

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3. Aluminum Foil

Aluminum from your aluminum foil can leach into your meals.

Cooking acidic foods and spices makes it more likely to leach into your food.

Over time, ingesting large amounts of aluminum might be linked to some health concerns.


Switch to parchment paper for baking or use silicone baking mats. Or consider non-stick bakeware.

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4. Plastic Kettles

Certain plastic kettles can also contain BPA or other harmful chemicals.

When these kettles are used to boil water, there's potential for BPA to leach into the water.

Old or damaged kettles are at a greater risk fro leaching chemicals into your water.


Stainless steel or glass kettles are safer alternatives.

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5. Plastic Cutting Boards

Knives create scratches and grooves on the board, and these crevices can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

They may contain harmful chemicals like BPA which can migrate to your food when cut or chopped on the surface.


Consider shifting to bamboo or solid wood cutting boards. They're also gentler on your knife's edge.

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